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Slingsby's Flying Squad
2022 In-Schools Education Program

Since its beginnings in 2007 Slingsby has grown from strength to strength thanks to the support of schools in South Australia. As you know, Slingsby produces and tours original theatre productions that captivate, challenge and inspire hope through memorable theatre experiences.

Now we have something new to offer teachers & students.

  • New production – This Tree is a Story (about everything, including you, as told by me)
  • A selection of workshops to choose from.

Here is where it gets really exciting – Slingsby is coming to you. No matter where you and your students live and learn in South Australia – we’ll travel to you.

There are workshops suitable for Primary and Secondary students with a focus on Slingsby theatre techniques: collaboration, shadow play, miniaturisation, music & creating a small theatre company.

An additional forum will take senior students behind the scenes to share how rewarding a career in the creative arts industry can be. Why? Because here in South Australia it is expected that the creative industries will continue to grow and offer many opportunities for employment in the future. You never know students could end up working with Slingsby.

Book a show and follow it up with your choice of a workshop on the same day.


Metro Schools – Download your booking form here
Regional & Remote Schools – Download your booking form here

If you have any questions please contact our Education Manager, Deanne Bullen, at deanne@slingsby.net.au

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