Wendy is an Adelaide based designer of theatre, events and spaces.

Recent productions designed by Wendy Todd (Set & Costume Designs) include Lighthouse 2020, ([Set Only] Patch Theatre) North/South 2019 (Australian Dance Theatre), Picaresque 2019 (Robyn Archer, Adelaide Festival), Seashore 2019 (Sally Chance Dance/ Dream Big), Rabbits  2017 (Steel & Brown/State Theatre Company), Emil & The Detectives 2017 (Slingsby [Set Only]),  Long Tan 2017 (Brink/STC), The Young King 2016 (Slingsby), Touch’N’Go, 2016 (Sally Chance Dance), Cabaret Opening, Closing & Family Galas 2018, 2017 & 2016 (Adelaide Festival Centre), Blinc Bar Adelaide Festival (Adelaide Festival of Arts) 2015, Babyteeth 2013, Blasted & Pornography 2012 (State Theatre Company), Land & Sea 2012, Skip Miller’s Hit Songs 2011, Harbinger 2010, The Hypochondriac 2009 (Brink Productions), Man Covets Bird 2010, The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy 2007 (Slingsby), Worldhood 2011 (Australian Dance Theatre), A Lion In The Night 2012, The Little Green Tractor 2011 (Patch Theatre Company), Cutaway II, 2012  [Vitalstatistix]. Ruby Bruise 2010 (The Misery Children & Vitalstatistix).

Event Design includes Adelaide Cabaret Festival Co-Event Designer, 2018, 2017 & 2016; Sole Event Designer, 2015, (Adelaide Festival Centre) Designer, Blinc Bar 2015, Design Coordinator of Barrio, 2013 & 2012, Lola’s, 2014, Assistant Designer Persian Garden 2008, 2006, (Late Night Clubs of the Adelaide Festival of Arts), Adelaide Guitar Festival 2016, (AFC) Bowerbird Design Markets 2013 – 2017 (Biannual Event), Adelaide Film Festival 2007.

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