Enter a Slingsby show and you enter a captivating world. We invite you to ‘Journey in Wonder’ with us. It may be dark and you may feel uneasy. That’s only natural. You are not alone. See that light in the distance? Take our hands. We know the way.

Founded in 2007 and based in Adelaide, South Australia, Slingsby presents emotionally challenging and engaging storytelling in rich live theatrical realms. Our original productions are crafted to challenge and inspire adult and older family audiences.

Slingsby is named after a character in Edward Lear’s short story The Four Little People Who Went Round The World. Indeed, the company’s adventures have taken it far. We are now well-established as a leading international company and have toured to 69 venues in 43 cities across ten countries, and counting.

Artistic Director Andy Packer and General Manager/Producer Stacey Baldwin collaborate with Australia’s finest artists across many disciplines and foster international theatrical alliances.


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Here’s what has been said of our work:

“…the world is a better place for having a company like Slingsby in it.”
Sky Harrison, Aspire Magazine (11 March 2016)

“The attention to detail is phenomenal…. The Young King is charming, majestic and utterly delightful and a beautiful jewel in the Adelaide Festival crown.”
Gordon Forester, Limelight (27 February 2016)

“Beyond the immaculate work of each and every performer, everything from the music, to the props, to the artwork was, in and of itself, a work of immense beauty….A beautiful experience for all ages, The Young King…[is a] must-see piece of immersive theatre.”
Sarah Jean, Trev (2 March 2016)

“Ode to Nonsense is curiously but wonderfully elating”
Graham Strahle, The Australian (30 April 2013)

“[Cheeseboy] is visually and aurally transfixing.”
Frank Scheck, New York Post, (5 May 2011)

“It is theatre like the work Slingsby produces which makes us all imagine a better and happier world. If more theatre were like this, the world would be a magical place indeed.”
Australian Stage Online (8 March 2010)

“…Man Covets Bird is like a beautiful children’s book, a treasured bedtime story with illustrations which come to life before our eyes. Adelaide’s Slingsby Theatre Company has created another truly magical, moving, all-encompassing world which is a mysterious as its title and enchants young and old alike.”
Patrick McDonald, The Advertiser (5 March 2010)

“The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy (*****[five stars])… is so achingly magical and charming, so full of whimsicality and merry eccentricity… so life affirming and uplifting … [it] is a marvel of exquisite theatre-craft.”
Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland (28 May 2009)

The sun loved him and warmed him as he worked in the days, but at night the moon laughed at him as it took his castles out to sea