Slingsby facts and figures:

The Young King world premiere season
27 February to 19 March 2016
33 performances
3,446 total tickets sold (104% of capacity)
35 school groups, including two schools from regional South Australia
163% of our box office target.

In the nine years since Slingsby was founded in September 2007 we have:

* Premiered 6 original productions: The Young King, an opera for families Ode To Nonsense, our award winning productions Man Covets Bird and The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy (our inaugural production which premiered in January 2008), Wolf and The Mouse, The Bird & The Sausage.

* Performed in 69 venues in 43 cities on 5 continents, including a two-week sell-out on 42nd Street in New York and seasons in Madrid, Singapore, Canada, Edinburgh, Ireland, England, Norway, New Zealand, the Sydney Opera House, all of Australia’s mainland capitals and 11 regional South Australian towns.

* Won 13 industry awards including two Ruby Awards and a Business SA Export Award.

We are blessed to have worked with Australia’s best actors, playwrights, lighting designers, designers, composers, musicians, production and technical staff. Together with Slingsby these artists have produced works of heartbreaking beauty, sadness and joy that have inspired and enriched the lives of our audiences far and wide, old and young.

To all our audiences, artists, collaborators, supporters, donors, funders, sponsors and friends: thank you.

With gratitude and love,
Andy, Jodi and the Board of Directors


Gratitude for a gift.

A new movement is underway in Australia. A wider base of personal giving is supporting a more diverse range of artists and arts companies. A next generation of generosity is recognising the immense value of a broader cultural voice for our nation. more

People are amazing.

Earlier this year we performed the world premiere season of Slingsby’s new show, The Young King, at the Adelaide Festival of Arts 2016. The season was sold out, extended, and sold out again. But then, with the smell of success still in our nostrils... more

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The sun loved him and warmed him as he worked in the days, but at night the moon laughed at him as it took his castles out to sea