Thank you.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our audience, partners, artists and crew for collaborating to make our premiere season of The Young King such a wonderful success. We look forward to taking you on further adventures soon!

“”My expectations were not only met, but exceeded by this beautiful show. I was left feeling that not only had I experienced something truly special, but that the world is a better place for having a company like Slingsby in it.”
Sky Harrison, Aspire Magazine, 30 March 2016

PS: If you would like to access The Young King Education Resources please head to our Education Page.


“…how lucky I am to live the life I have.”

I was able to connect the story of The Young King to how we can support those who work to feed us, in factories perhaps. The Young King was an amazing first play to watch and I hope to see more of Slingsby’s plays. more

Adelaide street art trail

We've put together a little street art trail for you to explore on your way to seeing The Young King in Dazzeland. more

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The sun loved him and warmed him as he worked in the days, but at night the moon laughed at him as it took his castles out to sea