Made In SA

Recently Arts SA and Country Arts SA commissioned a series of five short films about South Australian artists and companies who are creating new work in South Australia for a national and international audience. Here is the film they made about Slingsby! 


Peering into darkness to see the light.

Often characters in the stories we tell find themselves in moments of struggle and despair. Why is it that we are so interested in these moments of darkness? Do we enjoy the bleak? No. The truth is quite the opposite in fact. more


In his journals and creative writing, Edward Lear obsessively references food. He wrote nonsense poems about eating and noted in his journals dishes that he’d eaten or that his manservant Giorgio had cooked for him on their travels. more

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The sun loved him and warmed him as he worked in the days, but at night the moon laughed at him as it took his castles out to sea