Theatre is a powerful artform that helps us to find our place in the world. The live experience of theatre, with ephemeral communities coming together for a brief moment in time to share a story, builds social cohesion and a sense of empathy for others. When the shared story is epic and moving and uplifting the memory of this experience lives on in our hearts and minds for many years. Slingsby is committed to producing and touring theatre that acknowledges both the sunshine and the shadows of the human experience. We fearlessly present to young and adult audiences stories that explore personal human anxieties and concerns in a way that we believe will build a more robust society. Ultimately our work is emotive and always uplifting. If you would like to support us to make heartfelt, world class theatre please make a tax deductible donation of $5 or more to Slingsby via or donation page. For other ways to support Slingsby please call +61 8 8231 3007 or email us

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Council of Companions & Journeyfolk

Slingsby’s Giving Circles comprises of passionate individuals and families who believe deeply in the theatre Slingsby creates. Our Council of Companions and Journeyfolk make an enormous contribution to Slingsby’s creativity, including presenting the world premiere of Emil and the Detectives.

Council of Companions $1,000 and up

Sam Harvey, Geoff Cobham, Hillary Miller, Jane Doyle, Thomas & Katrina Kimber, Jodi Glass, Gillian Mercer, Robert Goldney

Journeyfolk – up to $999

Matthew Briggs, Chris Drummond & Susannah Sweeney, Margaret Marsh, Simone McDonnell, Stacey Baldwin, S & P Smith, Angela Allison, Rosalind Walsh, Johanna Somfleth, Tony Mack, John Wells, Rob Brookman, Tim Potter, Richard Ryan, Kay Jamieson, Wendy Todd, Kaye Scherer, Rebecca Wigg, Belinda Oakley, Magdalena Hadji, Peta-Anne Louth, Keith Rowling, Michelle Thomson, Adele Anderson, Lindsay Buller Maliekel

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