By Finegan Kruckemeyer


A boy wakes to finds he has grown. He recognises the stranger in the mirror, but his parents, his town do not. Outside his childhood bedroom he finds a bird that cannot fly and together the strangers embark on adventures.

This is the story about their journey to the big city, what they find there, what they join in and what they make themselves. A story about flying from nests, birdsong and growing up.

From Slingsby, the award winning company that created the internationally acclaimed hit The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy, comes this enveloping world of pearly prose, lustrous live music, melancholia and sunshine.



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Meet the creative team

Andy Packer

CEO & Artistic Director

Andy is a director of theatre, music theatre and opera. He has also worked as creative producer of multidisciplinary arts programs, producer of large-scale outdoor events and festival director.

Since completing a BA in Theatre Studies at Adelaide University in 1992, Andy’s arts career has encompassed many roles including Creative Producer, ensemble Actor/ Creator and Festival Director. In 2007 Andy co-founded Slingsby Theatre Company as Artistic Director. In thirteen years Slingsby has toured its original productions to more than 100 venues in 80 cities and towns across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Spain, Ireland and Norway, India and China winning 16 industry awards along the way.

Alongside Slingsby, Andy has built a freelance career as a Director of opera, musical theatre, cabaret and concerts. Andy has Directed for State Theatre Company of South Australia, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, State Opera of South Australia, Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival of Arts and Adelaide Chamber Singers and Australian String Quartet. In 2019 Andy was show director of the World of WearableArt Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand’s largest theatrical event attracting an audience in excess of 60,000.

Andy and his wife Jane love living in Adelaide, South Australia with their three sons, nine chickens and retired greyhound.

Finegan Kruckemeyer


Finegan has had 86 commissioned plays performed on five continents and translated into eight languages. He has received 35 awards (at least one each year since 2002) including the 2017 Mickey Miners Lifetime Achievement Award (for services to international theatre for young audiences), the 2015 David Williamson Award for Excellence in Australian Playwrighting, and an inaugural Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship.

To date, Finegan’s plays have had seasons in: 200 international festivals; all Australian states/territories; eight US national tours; five UK national tours; and at the Sydney Opera House (six works), Scotland’s Imaginate Festival (three works), New York’s Lincoln Center for the Arts (three works), DC’s Kennedy Center for the Arts (three works), Ireland’s Abbey Theatre (two works) and Shanghai’s Malan Flower Theatre (two works).

Wendy Todd


Wendy is an Adelaide based designer of theatre, events and spaces. Wendy has worked extensively with Slingsby since 2007.

Wendy is an Adelaide based designer of theatre, events and spaces.

Recent production designs (Set & Costume Design for all productions) include: Nursery 2014, (Sally Chance Dance), Babyteeth 2013, Blasted 2012, Pornography 2012 (State Theatre Company of South Australia), Land & Sea 2012, Skip Miller’s Hit Songs 2011, Harbinger 2010 (Brink Productions), Man Covets Bird 2010, The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy 2007 (Slingsby), Worldhood 2011 (Australian Dance Theatre), A Lion In The Night 2012, The Little Green Tractor 2011 (Patch Theatre Company), Cutaway III, 2013 & II, 2012 (Vitalstatistix), Ruby Bruise 2010 (The Misery Children & Vitalstatistix).

Recent event designs: Designer Blink Bar 2015 Adelaide Festival of Arts Precinct, Design Assistant/Coordinator Lola’s Pergola 2014, Design Coordinator of Barrio 2013 & 2012, Assistant Designer Persian Garden 2008 & 2006 (Late Night Clubs of the Adelaide Festival of Arts), Event and Gala Designer Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2015, Design Coordinator Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2014 (Adelaide Festival Centre), Bowerbird Design Markets 2014, 2013, 2012.

Geoff Cobham

Artstic Associate - Lighting

Geoff has worked as an Event Producer, Production Manager, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Public Artist and Venue Designer. His work has ranged from many smaller innovative productions to large scale theatre/dance productions, festivals, art exhibitions, events, museums and venue creation.

Awards include: Ruby Award for Sustained Contribution, Green Room Award Best lighting Design for Night Letters (State Theatre Company of South Australia), Sydney Theatre Award Best Lighting Design for Never Did Me Any Harm (Force Majeure), Helpman Award for Best Scenic Design for Little Bird (State Theatre Company of South Australia). Geoff is Artistic Associate (Design) for Slingsby.

Production Credits

  • Writer Finegan Kruckemeyer
  • Starring Nathan O'Keefe
  • Musician Cam Goodall
  • Musician Anya Anastasia
  • Musician Quincy Grant
  • Director Andy Packer
  • Composer Quincy Grant
  • Designer Wendy Todd
  • Lighting Design Dave Green
  • Initial Design Concept Geoff Cobham
  • Animation People's Republic Of Animation
  • Imagery Andy Ellis
  • Stage Manager Roland Partis

Production Credits

What people are saying

“***** [five stars]…brilliant feelgood family theatre with a depth that speaks to any generation.” Sunday Mail

“…like a beautiful children's book, a treasured bedtime story with illustrations which come to life before our eyes. ” The Advertiser

“***** [five stars]...I’m not ashamed to say that at one point, where O’Keefe directly encourages the audience to close their eyes and just listen to the birdsong, I did just that and wept a little at the emotion the play had managed to stoke within me. ” Jessica Taurins, Theatrepeople.com.au

“Best show I’ve ever seen!!! Everyone involved should be very proud. Thank you for a wonderful production!!! 10/10” Chantelle Detchon, Facebook, Goolwa, South Australia

“My 10 year old son was in tears at tonight's performance. Thank you for such a wonderful and emotional journey. ”

Lindy Walsh, Facebook, Sydney, Australia

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