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Slingsby's Climate Action

Slingsby is committed to tackling the climate emergency and being active in protecting the environment by creating real, sustainable and measurable change. We will aim to reduce emissions across organisational and touring activities, and continue to develop goals and targets for bold climate action.

Slingsby continues to consider its global climate impact, particularly relating to our extensive international touring. As a company that aims for social impact, and with a focus on intergenerational audiences, it is incumbent on us to make changes, and to lead by example. We have developed Slingsby’s Green Touring Model as a guide for significant action as wider touring resumes. The policy will reduce our climate footprint, aiming towards net Climate Positive impact. It will also foster engagement with our audiences and community on Climate Action, and position Slingsby as an industry leader towards a secure climate for audiences and artists of the future.

To read Slingsby’s Green Touring Model, click here.
To read Slingsby’s Environmental Plan, click here.

Our action so far included changing our bank to an institution that gives $0 to coal, oil and gas companies; Advocacy (signed the Culture Declares movement, and the the open letter to help support the Safeguard Mechanism reforms: It’s Time To Safeguard Climate); Emissions Tracking & Offsetting using Australian made emission tracking program Circulate to track the carbon data and total emissions for tours and projects; Landcare Events at Lot50 Kanyanyapilla.

Next Steps: We will continue our ambition for net Climate Positive impact.

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