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Slingsby needs your help to bring moments of life shaping creativity to South Australian communities.

Your donation will provide enrichment opportunities for young people, employ artists and support the creation of new immersive theatrical worlds.

Join the Slingsby Clarion ($10,000+), our Council of Companions ($1,000+) or become one of our Journeyfolk ($2+).



Join Slingsby’s Commissioning Circle

The Commissioning Circle is an opportunity to come on the journey with Slingsby and commit over three years to invest in the creation of 3 major works across 2024-2026. The Commissioning Circle directly supports the development and creation of one prestigious major work annually.

An investment of $10k annually for 3 years (tax -deductible donation), will enable Slingsby to embark on an ambitious journey of creating a triptych of productions, a first for the company. For further information please contact Rebecca Pearce, Executive Director or +61424629756.

Our deepest gratitude to all our supporters.

Slingsby Theatre Company Limited (ABN 30 127 432 777) is a Deductible Grant Recipient (DGR), and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.




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