A bit of love

23 May 2016

Late last week we received a wonderful email from actor, Tim Overton (The Young King), telling us how important Slingsby is to him. With Tim’s permission we share his email:

On 20 May 2016, at 12:22 AM, Tim Overton wrote:

“Hello friends.

I’ve been meaning to write for a few days now to send you a whole heap of love. So when you read this imagine about 30 seconds worth of telepathic love coming to you from me on a train in Berlin.

Here it is…

This is a very difficult time for you both (and all of us in the arts in aus) and so maybe it’s a good time for me to remind you how grateful I am.

Working on The Young King was an immensely powerful experience for me. I was moved, challenged, provoked and inspired in ways I hadn’t been by any other project yet. The messages of the piece are completely in line with my own passions and the expression of them in line with what I’d like to better in myself. I attribute being involved, and its success, to a lot of people, but above all others, to you two.

You are most incredible humans and you have my eternal respect and deepest love.
Thank you, a million times, and then again, thank you.

Now, how can I help?
I don’t ask this lightly or without commitment. I want to know what I can do. I’ve been posting your interviews and articles and links. I’ve encouraged family members to donate (and they have) but I’d like to do more. So be honest and help me to help you.

Of course I’d like to see TYK continue to thrive and tour with or without me (preferably with me) but I want to help the company too to continue to do what you do. I’m ready to pitch in.

We will need to rely on each other a lot for a while in Australia, so let me be there for some people who were there for me.

Love you two,