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Slingsby's Flying Squad goes ONLINE!

Due to the recent announcement about hybrid learning for Term 1 from the Department for Education, and the temporary postponement of incursions (Week 1 – 4), Slingsby’s Flying Squad have been busy reimagining the delivery of the performance and workshops and are pleased to be able to confirm we are set to join you online.

This Tree is a Story (about everything, including you, as told by me)
The performance of This Tree Is A Story (about everything, including you, as told by me) will be available via the online platform Slingsby by Request. Students will be able to view the performance in smaller groups and spread out in available spaces to minimise students intermingling.

Education Resources – To support students to engage with the content prior to and after the performance an education resource has been developed. The resource activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum for students in Year 4 –Year 10 and for students in Year 11 – Year 12 completing the SACE.

Workshops – To support you and your students, Slingsby are pleased to offer the following workshops to ensure high quality delivery and engagement during this period. We will also provide you with a Workshop Resource Pack so that you and your students are fully equipped to participate in the workshops.

Please contact our Education Coordinator, Deanne Bullen, at deanne@slingsby.net.au for more information.

Online Workshops

Slingsby Theatre Techniques: Shadow & Miniaturisation (100 minutes)

The workshop will include:

  • an introductory video providing information about the theatre techniques of shadow & miniaturisation that Slingsby utilise
  • a resource pack delivered to you with workshop materials
  • an education resource with activities that builds on the video and the performance (including activities for working outside)
  • live Q&A with Slingsby’s Flying Squad.


What makes a small theatre company work? (100 minutes)

The workshop will include:

  • video interviews with Slingsby’s Flying Squad, Artistic Director Andy Packer and key Slingsby collaborators with a focus on the roles they undertake
  • education resource to explore aspects of creating a small theatre company
  • live Q&A with Slingsby’s Flying Squad.


Preparing for a Creative Career (100 minutes)

The workshop will include:

  • a video presentation by three key creatives in Adelaide
  • an education resource with activities to support students to explore options for a career in the Creative Industry
  • live Q&A with three Slingsby creatives.

Bookings will be available in early February. If you have any questions please contact deanne@slingsby.net.au

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