Endless Possibilities.

01 March 2019

We are excited to announce the recipients of our inaugural Hall of Possibility Artists in Residence Program. We had intended to offer one six-month residency…but we were so blown away by the caliber of the artists and projects proposed that we have offered six projects residencies – one Six Month Residency, one Short Residency (two-weeks) and four Mini Residencies (twenty-hours).

Each creative team receives free access to the Hall of Possibility to develop their project, plus the offer of creative and producing mentoring from Slingsby’s team.

We have already loved having some of these creatives popping in and making our space their own, alongside recent hirers La La Land Choir, Sally Chance, Ampersand (Jelly or Jam), Gravity and Other Myths and Tutti Ensemble among others. It is so wonderful to see the Hall transforming into a community, creativity led space again. See below a full list of Hall of Possibility Artists in Residence for January-June 2019:

Six Month Residency: Ellen Graham and Jamie Hornsby
Project: Claire Della and the Moon
Claire Della is on the moon. It’s quiet here. Lonely. Safe. But when her link between worlds is shattered, Clare must find her way home before she loses sight of the Earth forever. Claire Della and the Moon is an exciting new piece of children’s theatre about mental health, full of whimsy, wonder and charm.

Short Residency: The Alleykat Collective
Project: Elpis, captif de pandore
When have we sought hope, when have we refused it and when have we felt like it had abandoned us? The Alleykat Collective (Kathryn Adams & Alexis Luke) are inspired to physically explore humanity’s complex and ever-shifting relationship to hope through the lens of mental health.

Rebecca Meston

Mini Residency: Rebecca Meston, with Sasha Zahra, Emma Beech, Josephine Were, Rachel Burke, Hew Parham and Choral Grief
Project: Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s
Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s is a theatre show in development, re-imagining Australian rock music mythology from a female perspective. Despite being in an age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, when Triple M broadcast their Perfect Australia Day soundtrack in 2018, of the 100 songs listed, only 7 were by females. Sings Camp Cope: “Yeah, tell me again how there just aren’t that many girls in the music scene.” Playful in form, with a focus on intimate storytelling and taking an audience down a grungy, front bar rabbit hole (with swirly carpet that sticks to your feet and reeks of ancient beer and cigarettes), Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s will mine the complexity of misogyny, ingrained sexism and the fact that women are everywhere but nowhere. (The development of this project has been supported by Arts South Australia.)

Anna Steen

Mini Residency: Anna Steen
Project: The Search for Nanuk
A re-imagining of a very silly and very serious play for 3-9 year olds about the plight of the Polar Bears. In 2011 The Search for Nanuk had its first life but the ice has not stopped melting and the time has come to tell this tale anew.

Karen Sierp

Mini Residency: Karen Sierp
Project: Lost and Found
MILLIE is 7 years old and she collects dead things. KARL is 87 and has escaped from a nursing home and wants to become a man.  AGATHA is an 82 year old agoraphobe who watches static on TV.  These unlikely heroes bind together in an overland adventure where they uncover their truths and (re)discover their life. Lost and Found,  the #1 Australian novel by Brooke Davis, will be adapted for the stage by Karen Sierp. 

Lochy Maybury

Mini Residency: Back Porch Theatre (Lochy Maybury)
Project: Moof’s Adventures
Moof’s Adventures is a clown’s ode to courage; to rolling the dice, never really knowing how they may fall, but having faith that the risk is worth the reward.