RSVP Process – A Creative Kick-Start to Theatre-Making

Sometimes, the hardest part is making a start.

The RSVP Cycles is a method for working collaboratively to simultaneously generate and reflect on creative processes as you create original theatre from scratch. The system was developed by Lawrence Halprin (a public space architect) and Anna Halprin (postmodern dance pioneer) and was presented in a 1969 book The RSVP Cycles: Creative Processes in the Human Environment. (Halprin 1970)

RSVP – is an acronym


The RSVP Cycles has been employed by Robert Lepage for the creation of The Seven Streams of the River Ota and other productions. Lepage strove to be a “total author – simultaneously director, actor, and writer – creating text through improvisations in theatrical space”. RSVP also approximates the Slingsby collaborative process.

The workshop will immerse students in the RSVP cycle to devise and develop short performance pieces.


Equity price (Cat 1 – 4) – $300/workshop (max 30 participants)
Full price – $500/workshop (max 30 participants)

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