Slingsby is taking climate action!

29 November 2022

Slingsby is taking climate action.

This year we started our journey to reduce our climate impact and focusing on what we can do to support a zero-emissions future. We piloted a ‘Green Touring Model’ across our national tour for The Boy Who Talked To Dogs, tracking and offsetting emissions, reducing waste and embarking on climate advocacy. As part of our carbon offsetting efforts, the Slingsby team has been working with Karl Telfer and Lot 50 to help with the property’s regeneration projects.

Slingsby are dedicated to continue refining our model and incorporating the climate initiatives for our upcoming tours across 2023. To demonstrate our dedication, we are formalising an Environmental Action Plan to be released in the first half of 2023, aligning our key performance indicators to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you ready to join us on the journey and take a climate action? Declare a climate emergency with Culture Declares and/or Better Futures Australia.