Thank you Jodi.

06 December 2016

Slingsby has been the beneficiary of many lucky breaks. One of the greatest occurred on day one when Jodi Glass agreed to join me on a mad adventure to create this company.

I am thrilled to the tips of my toes for today’s announcement that Jodi has been appointed Executive Director/Producer of the State Theatre Company of South Australia. They welcome an individual with unflinching passion for the role of the artist in society, an arts manager who will prioritise artistic practice and works tirelessly to provide the resources for risk taking.

She has been a joyous travel companion, an indefatigable colleague and the greatest of friends.

Jodi’s new adventure marks a new chapter at Slingsby. This is not the conclusion of anything. Jodi’s managerial DNA will remain with Slingsby for as long as we tread the winding path ahead. Her spirit will live on in our admirable administrative systems, our focus on excellence, our level of office swearing (ok…I am going to have to pick up the pace considerably), our impeccable budgeting and most importantly the artist and audience-focused vision that defines Slingsby.

If you love somebody set them free.

Dear Jodi, thank you for helping me make a dumb idea a glorious reality.

Everything is possible.

Andy Packer