Songs for Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas

An isolated volcanic island emerges from the ocean. A seed floats in from distant shores, finding purchase on the rock. A stranded beetle clinging to debris bumps against the monolith. As time passes more and more visitors make this island home creating a beautiful, rich and varied place like no other.

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Emil and the Detectives

Never underestimate the determination of a child! Young Emil catches a train to visit family in the big city. Something valuable is stolen. But the thief soon discovers Emil was not such an easy target. A group of quick-thinking and resourceful children rallies around.

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The Young King

A naïve boy raised by goatherds turns out to be the heir to the kingdom. Untold treasures and privileges are laid at his feet, but at what cost to others?

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The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy

Inside an enchanting travelling theatre tent, discover a storyteller who shares a timeless tale.

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Ode to Nonsense

As the Owl and the Pussycat knew, happiness is seldom logical…

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Man Covets Bird

A boy wakes to finds he has grown. He recognises the stranger in the mirror, but his parents, his town do not. Outside his childhood bedroom he finds a bird that cannot fly…

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Our hero finds herself falling from her waking life into a dense forest; the stuff of fairy tales and horror films. Alone, afraid, she senses something is circling in the deep dark…

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